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About Me


What can I say, I love photography!  I love capturing those natural moments and bringing them to life.  If you would like a photographer who will take natural, relaxed, vibrant images that you will enjoy for years to come, I would love to capture this for you. 


Since my daughter was born, I have constantly looked to perfect my images so they would  reflect what I saw in front of me.  The more I tried to perfect my art, the more I realised that "cheese" and "smile" just never felt natural.  The photo could of been perfect with hundreds of likes on Facebook but I would always remember the un-natural way it took to get that photo!  When you book me for your wedding, our first meeting will always start "This is your big day, not my photo shoot.  What memories would you like me to capture for you?".   


I want my images to provoke a positive feeling, a smile and a flood of memories.  










My work reflects a more documentary style where I look to capture those magical moments and not be that annoying person with a camera.  If you have read to this point (thank you) and feel this is right for you, get in touch today as I would love to capture those special moments for you.


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07765 001680

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