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What to look for when choosing a newborn photographer?

I am a newborn photographer based in Birmingham, West Midlands. I specialise in safe, natural newborn photography utilising various props, outfits and wrapping techniques to showcase your beautiful creation. This is one of my favorite photo shoots and I love capturing your babies features as well as getting to know the parents coming into my studio.

Since starting newborn photography, I have spent many hours training, studying and learning this style of photography. I have learnt from some of the masters of the art so I would like to share this with you. Yes, I do hold the below credentials but I am not writing this blog because I am saying choose me (although I would love you too). If your reading this, your looking to book a newborn session and may not be sure what to expect from your photographer. My hope is that this will give you an idea of what questions you can ask before hand.

Q - Are they DBS checked?

A - Having a DBS check is not mandatory by law when holding children photo shoots through your own business but having this just shows they have considered some of the concerns parents may have.

Q - Do they have full business insurance?

A - So many photographers don't have this but I ask the question, why would you not insure your car, house or holiday and just risk it? You never go into a anything planning to use your insurance but having it ensures you have everyone's best interest at heart.

Q - Are they trained in newborn photography?

A - There are no laws to say you have to have formal training for newborn photography. I have photographed multiple newborns over the years but it was only when I had formal training from some of the masters of the art, I realised how I could improve my images over night! Your babies safety is number 1 so learning the correct techniques before trying certain poses is a excuses.

Q - Are they trained in first aid?

A - This links back to the other questions. It is not a legal requirement to be first aid trained before holding newborn sessions. If the unexpected ever happened and a situation needed to be dealt with immediately, isn't it best to have the training to help you. Parents, photographers, child minders, day care assistance and the list goes on can receive first aid training at a reasonable price. There are lot's of companies out there that offer this service and I would be happy to refer you to a few if you were ever interest in doing this.

Q - Can you see a portfolio of images?

A - There are lots of different styles of newborn photography so it is important to make sure you choose a photographer that will provide you with the images you would like. These memories will last forever so make sure you look for style, color and variation. A portfolio also reflects on experience so it is good to check if this also links back to reviews on their business page and/or google page.

Q - Do you receive digital images and not just prints?

A - Digital images are important if you would like to share on social media or being able to use them for your own purpose such as printing birthday invites or thank you cards. Not all photographers include digital images within their packages so if that is a must for you, make sure you have those included in the price before you book.

Q - Do you know the up front cost when booking?

A - I am a parent, I have friends and I have spoke to a lot of people about their experience with photographers. The majority of the time, price reflects what your going to get in return so please make sure you know the implications before you choose that package and/or photographer. I spoke to a couple recently who paid £60 for their newborn shoot (fantastic price!). When they returned to get there free print which was part of the £60, they were also presented with their beautiful images of their first child......they could purchase all their digital images for a lovely price tag of £900! I am not saying this is wrong, I am just saying consider the emotions when it comes to wanting those beautiful images at the end of the special price coupon, one of price or "it's ONLY" price.

Q - Are you going to a clean, safe environment?

A - It’s OK to ask where the photography shoot will take place. I like to post videos of my home studio set up as I feel it is important for parents to know where there baby will be going to.

Q - Are you receiving props, outfits within the cost?

A - Newborn photography can be done in different ways so have a look at the portfolio and see what props and outfits are being used. They should be included in the price but it’s always good to ask.

Q - Do you receive an online gallery?

A - Some photographers provide prints only. Some add the digital images to a USB for you to download and some add your images to an online gallery. Before signing up to anything, make sure you are happy with how your images are going to be delivered .

Q - Can you order canvases/prints?

A - Some photographer will only allow you to purchase prints/canvases before you receive the digital file so just make sure you know what you are paying for. Same again, I am not saying this is wrong, just make sure you are aware of this. The majority of online galleries will allow you to purchase both prints, canvases and digital images together or separately.

Q - Can you book prior to your due date?

A - How do you know the exact date to book? The smart answer is you don't. You should be able to book a date around the due date, usually within 14 days post the due date. Once you have had your baby, you can then work with the photographer to secure a more formal date as they will have planned for this. If you like that photographer, don't risk not booking in as they may not have a slot for you closer to the time.

Q - Can you have a say if key features are left post editing?

A - Babies are the most beautiful things on the planet but post birth, their skin may show signs of being dry, rashes, cradle cap, newborn acne, milk spots etc. If this happens and your shoot is due that day, don't worry as any good photographer will be able to edit the babies skin for you post the shoot. That being said, you may not want all things to be removed such as strawberry birth marks that may stay or fade over time. Your photographer should ask you if you would like to keep any key feature that are temporary so this is your opportunity to let them know what you would like to keep. If they don't ask, make sure you point this out before the session ends and this is part of your package.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and I hope it answers any questions you may or may not have thought about. If you have any questions though, please don't hesitate to contact me. If you would like to add a comment if this was helpful or if you feel I have missed something, I would love that.

If you would like to book a newborn shoot with me, please feel free to have a look at my portfolio, packages and prices and get in touch when you are ready.

All the best with your beautiful creation.


Gareth Potter Photography

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